Soulful Character hardware to add more heart to your home

Iron Soul supplies alternative hardware options, different from what is currently available in today's market.

We are passionate about our product and the mahi we put in ensures that it is fit for purpose, and available to our customers at a fair price.

The team at Iron Soul  achieves this by partnering with our suppliers, sourcing directly, providing no-frills packaging, and being available online 24/7 with all the information you need. All the savings are passed to you.

We are intentionally customer focused,  and  make the selection and purchasing experience simple and hassle free.

We aspire to be an authentic brand with heart; that follows through on what we say we will do, contributing to our community as we grow, and being able to add a little heart into your home.


Iron Souls’ purpose is to supply quality character hardware pieces to enhance your home or business.  We achieve our aim by stocking  a distinctive product to delight you for years to come.

Our product celebrates the spirit of raw materials, creating heavy unrefined iron pieces with personality. Each item is distinctly unique - we like to be bold while still remaining authentic and functional.

With inspiration drawn from history and the modern era,  Iron Soul is able to offer a range of products that suit your taste. From medieval farmhouse to adventurous oversized modern pieces we have something that will appeal to your style and taste.

We stock handles, hinges, gate hardware, locks/latches, door knockers, decorative hinges and more.


We use handles every day, but rarely do we give them a second thought. 

At Iron Soul we like to be a little different and offer a range of handle options that make a statement, and give your door that unique touch worthy of that second thought!  Your guests will want to know more about  where the product came  from so they too can own their own stylised door handles. 

We have  handles to suit everyone. From the sleek modern look to the more chucky, rough around the edges medieval look, there are recessed handles, off-set handles for those who are a little quirky, and many with different sizes and shapes - allowing you to stay within the same style, but pick what suits each door or entrance.

You can also get cabinet handles, giving you the opportunity to make a statement  both inside & outside. We offer a range of face fixed and rear fixed handles, with some options for back to back handles for doors.

Hardware with heart, Iron Soul gives you the edge with our raw, rustic look; the handles look like they could have been around 100 years ago, and can tell a story or two! They are unrefined, and have old school charm from the top to the bottom.

Their vintage look both gives them a ‘history’ and  makes a statement like nothing else on the market can. Made with natural materials such as cast iron or wrought iron (for that more ornate look), they have a unique appeal that while functional, is also very distinctive.

Whether you love the oversized gothic style handles and hardware, or prefer the smaller, more ornate Victorian look - we have you covered.

If you love hardware and owning your own style - don’t miss the chance to make a statement with these!


Iron Soul is all about the feature while still being functional, so if you are after some Decorative Hardware to make your door or furniture have that extra character, we have got what you need. All our products are powder-coated to allow for internal and external use, this gives you the full range of hardware from the front gate to the back door. 

From big rustic gate hinges to small round door knockers - there is something that will excite and inspire everyone. There are door bolts and door stoppers to match the amazing handles,
as well as hat hooks and coat hooks, latches and hinges, everything you need to bring your entrance to life, to instil some soul.

Start the look off with spear-head strap hinges on your front gate and then finish it off inside with the heavy block handles on your cabinets. 

Imagine your front door with a big chunky door handle and door knocker, large enough to make a statement on the outside, and then on the inside a solid bolt you can push across at night leaving you feeling safe and secure! 

Mix those with the cast iron hat and coat hooks in your front entrance, and the floor mounted door stopper, and you’ll have a jaw dropping statement when guests come!

If the big chunky look doesn’t appeal, we still have you covered with plenty of options with a more sleek and modern feel to them; the small round door knocker or the long slim door knocker are both functional, but more decorative. You can have recessed handles on the inside, and a small hook and eye set to hold your door in place, there are slimline cabinet handles, and lovely decorative rivet sets in different shapes and sizes.

Mix and match until you find the look you want.


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