Here are some of our FAQs about Barn doors and hardware.

If you have a question is not answered here please send us an email.


How do I know what length track I need? 

The majority of designs you would need double you door width as a minimum track length. This can vary on the size of you doorway, architrave width, placement of the rollers on the door as well. If you are unsure and you have the room having a little extra length of track can make things easier. You do need to be more careful placing the track in the wall of you only have twice the door width or less as there is less room for error.
Some hardware designs will require the track length to be a little longer to allow for the stoppers eg; Industrial Top Mount.

What lengths tracks do we stock?

We stock tracks in the following lengths; 1.5mtr, 1.8mtr, 2.0mtr, 2.4mtr, 2.7mtr, 3.0mtr, 3.3mtr, 3.6mtr and 4.0mtr. Joiners can be used to create the length you require using two or more tracks. Currently on our Web Shop we only offer 1.5mtr, 1.8mtr, 2.0mtr and 2.4mtr length tracks, as we are unable to courier items over 2.4mtr (Some Rural areas only allow up to 1.5mtr). We are able to freight the longer tracks, but this is more expensive, and the current shop set up does not allow for this extra cost. If you are interested in the longer single length tracks please send an email to with your address and what you require so we can arrange a quote for you.

What size door do I require?

The best practice for barn doors is to have the door large enough to cover the architrave (top and sides) once the door is closed. In most cases having a barn door slightly over this size will not be an issue as long as you have room to roll the door off the doorway.  
If you doorway has been square stopped allow for at least 40mm overlap around the doorway as the gap from the wall to the door will be larger, this gap will depend on your door thickness.

What size barn doors do you sell?
We offer set size doors in a range of designs and timber. We stock the below door sizes.
2050x800mm, 2050x850mm, 2050x900mm, 2050x1000mm, 2050x1200mm, 2050x1500mm 2200x900mm, 2200x1000mm, 2200x1200mm, 2200x1500mm and 2400x1200mm. All doors range from 35 to 40mm thick. From time to time we do run out of designs and sizes so feel free to confirm what we have in stock and we are happy to hold doors with a deposit for a upcoming project.

Do you sell barn style doors for hinged doors?

Yes, we have 1980x760 and 1980x810 in the Rustic Pine British Brace only at this stage. These are not pre-hung. Select Hinged doors under categories for these options.

Can the tracks be cut down?
The flat tracks (Classic, Urban and Economy Range) are made out of mild steel or 304 stainless and can be cut down if required. When cut, file of the edges and spray paint the end of the track with a matt black paint. Please take note of the fixing holes and the soft-close fixing when cutting down the tracks. We are able to supply tracks with no fixing holes if you need to cut past a fixing hole.

What distance are the fixing holes drilled at?

Most of the flat tracks are at 406mm centers. We do stock some tracks with no fixing holes if the fixing holes placement will not work for your project.
What is the measurement from the floor to the tracks fixing point?
Most of the tracks are fixed at the door height plus 30-45mm. This allows for a 10mm gap on the bottom of the door. We can send you a copy of the instructions if you need them.

Can you make up custom length tracks?

Yes we can off this service. Send us an email to with your requirements and be able to quote for a custom track.

What are the wheels made of?

The wheels are made out of POM which is a synthetic polymer call "Polyoxymthylene". This creates high stiffness, low friction, low noise and excellent dimensional stability.  The bearings are closed bearings so they will never need oil.

Do I need to take the architrave off the doorway?

No. The hardware is designed to use with architrave and work better with architrave around the doorway, as the door can only be as close to the wall as the skirting thickness allows. There will be more of a gap between the wall and the door with square stopped opening. 

My architrave is not standard thickness (9-12mm), what are my options?

This will depend on the hardware design you select and the thickness of your door. Please refer to the pictures of the hardware sets on the shop, one of the last pictures there will be a dimensional picture based on a 35 or 40mm door with standard spacers. This will help you know if the standard set will be suitable for your architrave. We do have some options for packers and different size spacers if required.

What are the small round plastic discs for in my set?

These at the anti-jump discs, they fit on top of the door to stop the door jumping off the track.  The screws are off set to allow for them to swivel if you needed to take the door off the track.

My address is Rural what items can be delivered ? 
We are able unable to ship items over 1.5mtrs to Rural addresses, we use PBT Couriers to ship hardware 1.5-2.4mtrs, if you are not in a main center please check PBT's website (see link below) to clarify if they classify your address as rural. We can send items C/O PBT depot for collection or an alternative non-rural address if you are classified as Rural. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure.


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