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We all use a lot of functional hardware in our daily lives that we never think twice about. Visual Hardware tries to embrace these ordinary items by offering a range of hardware that is functional but also visually appealing, so you are able to create your own bespoke look using useful everyday items.

We specialize in barn door sliding hardware and set size barn doors. We also have a range of handles, decorative hardware, shelf brackets and pipe hardware. Our Artisan Door range and Iron soul brand embrace the charming feel of the very essence of barn doors creating a homely rustic style, we also have a range of more contemporary, options in our aesthetic barn door hardware range and our offer our most popular barn door hardware in stainless steel or white, creating a very sleek modern look. We have options for all personal tastes so you are able to achieve the style you set out to create.

Back in Stock - Artisan Shelves

Back in stock, Artisan shelves with a perfectly simple new Iron Soul shelf bracket.

There are five styles of shelves to select from, acacia, blonde acacia or mango wood. Acacia and blonde acacia are also available in a live edge finish (up to 1200mm long) These shelves have been sealed and finished with a wax surface keeping the natural beauty the timber. Shelves are available in four different lengths,  600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

The Artisan shelf bracket has been designed to fit these shelves perfectly adding another option to our range of Iron Soul Shelf Brackets to select from.


Our Artisan barn door range has been developed by Visual Hardware. We have created this range, especially for our customers. These doors are specially handcrafted for you.

This range offers you finished ready to hang doors that celebrate the wonders of natural timber. These doors all have their own spirit which would be an excellent addition to your space. The beautiful imperfections are the soul of these handcrafted doors.  

The jewel in our crown is our Artisan Vintage Reclaimed door, each vintage door is an individual so you are able to select which character would suit your space best and no one else would have a door like yours.

The artisan door range is perfectly matched when coupled with our Iron Soul Handles and hardware. 

We currently are able to offer doors from 900mm wide up to a massive 1500mm wide.
Selecting your door Artisan door is just like adding another lovingly chosen piece of furniture to your home.

 The images do not do these doors justice. The true colour of the artisan barn doors may not 100% show on your screen due the the differences in personal monitor and screen settings, we have tried our best to get a closest to true colour images but due to different lighting when the photos were taken they can vary slightly.



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